Monday, October 12, 2009

How to give out a telephone number that is never answered

On page 145 of How to be Invisible, I listed a toll-free number that always had a busy signal. Unfortunately, that is now a real number used by someone else. I listed some other numbers to use on the Q and A forum on my website, but those numbers were also changed in time.

Further, rather than giving out a number that is always busy, I prefer to have a legitimate number available that does ring but is never answered. I therefore contacted a friend in Spain's Canary Islands who obtained an extra cell phone in his own name. He keeps it charged up at all times and has turned off both the ringer and the option to leave a voice mail message. The number just rings and rings and rings. If I am ever asked why I never answer the phone, I can say that I only answer when I'm in the islands! (If you are interested in such a service yourself, click here.)

Otherwise, you can obtain an extra cell phone on your own and copy the arrangement above. Just be sure to keep the phone charged and the service paid up.

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  1. I give out a Google Voice phone number whenever I'm asked for a phone number. Originally I set it up years ago with another company whose name I forget that was eventually acquired by Google. It is a legitimate phone number but I don't answer it. Any time I get a call (which is rare) I get an email with a link I can click on to listen to the voicemail message. You can find out more at I see that Google Voice is currently available by invite only but you can request an invite...not sure how long it takes for invites to be processed. But I don't get annoying phone calls from people I don't want calling me and they don't know my main phone number.


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