Friday, May 28, 2010

How to disappear from the United States by “moving” overseas

If you are about to move—either to another state or to a different city in your own state—how would you like to just disappear from the USA?

One way to disappear is to leave a forwarding address for Spain and then have indications continually show up that you are indeed remaining there.

Rosie Enriquez already offers a mailing address in Spain’s Canary Islands but I am now planning another trip to the islands to meet with my good friend Andrew, a Brit who is a permanent resident on Gran Canaria. He will be able to answer “your” telephone, receive and send mail, make small purchases or ATM withdrawals from your accounts, and do whatever else is needed to “prove” that you are in the islands.

If this is of interest to you personally, and if you can meet with me in Las Vegas on June 14th or 15th, email me at [Remove the XXX]

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