Friday, May 21, 2010

When is a "safe house" not a house?

In my blog of February 8th, I said you should prepare your safe house before you needed it. I mentioned that I had such a property for sale, one with four acres along a scenic river and that included a private island in the stream. I received many inquiries about this property, but none were from anyone who actually had $200,000 to spare.

Not to worry. Your safe house does not have to be a house. Here are some alternatives:

1. A houseboat on a lake.

2. A small cabin cruiser kept in a slip at a marina.

3. A travel trailer, perhaps in a space rented on a farm.

4. A motorhome. Keep it in storage or in a rented parking area away from where you live. With the present recession, even $15,000 can buy you a older model in decent condition.

All of the above can be titled in the name of a New Mexico LLC with a faraway ghost address. And all can do double duty--for use on vacations, or when you suddenly need a safe house that is not a house.

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