Friday, May 28, 2010

How to disappear from the United States by “moving” overseas

If you are about to move—either to another state or to a different city in your own state—how would you like to just disappear from the USA?

One way to disappear is to leave a forwarding address for Spain and then have indications continually show up that you are indeed remaining there.

Rosie Enriquez already offers a mailing address in Spain’s Canary Islands but I am now planning another trip to the islands to meet with my good friend Andrew, a Brit who is a permanent resident on Gran Canaria. He will be able to answer “your” telephone, receive and send mail, make small purchases or ATM withdrawals from your accounts, and do whatever else is needed to “prove” that you are in the islands.

If this is of interest to you personally, and if you can meet with me in Las Vegas on June 14th or 15th, email me at [Remove the XXX]

Friday, May 21, 2010

When is a "safe house" not a house?

In my blog of February 8th, I said you should prepare your safe house before you needed it. I mentioned that I had such a property for sale, one with four acres along a scenic river and that included a private island in the stream. I received many inquiries about this property, but none were from anyone who actually had $200,000 to spare.

Not to worry. Your safe house does not have to be a house. Here are some alternatives:

1. A houseboat on a lake.

2. A small cabin cruiser kept in a slip at a marina.

3. A travel trailer, perhaps in a space rented on a farm.

4. A motorhome. Keep it in storage or in a rented parking area away from where you live. With the present recession, even $15,000 can buy you a older model in decent condition.

All of the above can be titled in the name of a New Mexico LLC with a faraway ghost address. And all can do double duty--for use on vacations, or when you suddenly need a safe house that is not a house.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

BEST PLACES for vehicle registrations, ghost addresses, self defense, and more!


Michigan. They have a "permanent" license plate that you never have to renew!


Washington state. If you are not a resident, the DMV allows you to register your vehicle in the name of an LLC with a foreign ghost address without listing any address whosoever in the United States


From Rosie Enriquez. Big sale on this month—five names for the price of one.


Unalaska, Alaska. The city covers part of the island and all of neighboring Amaknak Island where the Port of Dutch Harbor is located. (Home of the TV program “DEADLIEST CATCH.") This is the second-most costly and difficult place to travel to, while still remaining in the United States. (The first is Saint Paul, AK, but you do not want to go there.)


Simon Black. “In the last 3 months I’ve traveled to over 20 countries, met with a President and several diplomats … hitchhiked in Bogota … [and] lectured on entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe. I’m a student of the world, and I believe that travel is the greatest teacher.”


From Vancouver, British Columbia to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. On the way north, choose the Casssier Highway 37 option. "The Cassiar Highway knives through mountain-river-lake-glacier country.Time should be allowed for a visit to the neighboring towns of Stewart BC and Hyder Alaska, reached by a 65 km/40mile highway which opens up some of the North's most spectacular glacier and mountain scenery."


The e-book “Dirty Tricks for Savvy Chicks.” Don’t be misled by the title. The information about canes and Kubotans applies equally well to old geezers like me. I carry both at all times!


[Shameless self-promotion] Me. I have an opening in Las Vegas if you can meet me on the afternoon of June 14th.

Friday, May 7, 2010

How to send private, secret information by e-mail

This is a method Rosie EnrĂ­quez tells her clients to use, when they prefer to send a name privately for the receipt of an LLC, or for some detail regarding a ghost address in Alaska or Spain’s Canary Islands.

1. Go to

2. Enter a message in the box on the left.

3. Enter a password. (This is an option, but is recommended. It can be something simple, such as the first name of the recipient or the number of a PO Box, or the day of the week. Send a clue about this password to the recipient in advance.)
4. Check the box where you accept the Terms of Service.

5. Click on the button “SAVE THIS MESSAGE.”

6. A URL will then show up. Click on the small icon at the end of the URL. It will say “COPY.”

7. Address an e-mail to yourself first, to test this out. In the body, hit Control + C to paste the URL in the message. Send it.

8. When the e-mail arrives, click on the URL.

9. Enter the password.

10. Read your test message. Remember, once you leave the page, the message is GONE.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How checks can be signed when using a nominee for your secret bank account

As readers of HOW TO BE INVISIBLE well know, I recommend nominees as the only sure method of setting up a secret bank account. However, here is a change from pages 165 and 166:

Instead of having your nominee (let’s call her Suzy) spending hour after hour signing checks, and then having to sign more in future years, she can just sign one order of checks, say, for 200. She can then go with you Office Depot, where she will sign with a special pen and then a signature stamp can be ordered.

Or, with a sharp clear copy of her signature in black ink, you can order a stamp by mail. In either case, I recommend you specify Xstamper. It will cost about $40 or $50 but is good for at least 8,000 impressions.

In my own case, one of my nominees, Suzy, was out of the country when I discovered I was getting very low on checks. I sent a rush order to for 400 more duplicate checks and then took a sample check (from the few signed checks I had left) to Office Depot. The young woman who took order for my stamp said she would clean up the signature with Photoshop before she mailed the order in, and recommended I order an Xstamper.

That was a year ago. The signature with the Xstamper was great. It has never been questioned.

Did I check with Suzy’s bank before starting to stamp her signature? Definitely not! But what I did do was to send three small checks out as a test, to make sure they went through. When they did, I then used stamped checks for any payments below $250, which covers about 98 percent of all the checks I write on that account. For the occasional big check, I use one of the original checks with Suzy’s actual signature.

Even if you never use a nominee, I suggest getting a signature stamp for both you and/or your spouse. Why?

Well, about a year ago, one of my clients (I’ll call him John, and his new wife Jane) followed my advice to get a signature stamp for Jane, who had a secret bank account in her maiden name. Early this year, Jane had a serious illness and was hospitalized for several weeks. During this time she had worries far more serious than trying to sign checks with what would have been an unrecognizable signature. John, however, got out the stamp and continued to pay the bills in his wife’s absence.

With the Xstamper, don’t just push the top down because that might make the signature stronger on one side. Instead, position it where you want it, and then give it a firm tap in the center with your knuckles. With it few practice tries, it will work perfectly—for your secret bank account, or for any other.