Friday, May 20, 2011

This tip will protect your home against burglars

From a newspaper clipping a few days ago:

“A 25-year-old Mount Vernon man was sentenced to nine years in prison Thursday for burglarizing a home and stealing firearms and $34,000 in cash…. Deputies and detectives from the Sheriff’s office discovered forced entry to the house, to the locked master bedroom and to the locked bedroom closet."

Although locking both the bedroom and the closet doors showed the owners were taking precautions to protect their home against burglars, I suspect that the doors were not the type used for exterior doors, made of steel or fiberglass, and that locks, strike plates and hinges were not heavy duty ones installed with 3” screws.

In any event, the master bedroom is the absolutely worse place in the house to hide cash and jewelry. However, do keep a few hundred dollars in one of the drawers because if the burglar finds nothing at all, he (or she?) may trash your home. Also, in our own closet we keep a small safe, the kind you can pick up at any K-Mart or Office Max. Nothing is in it except sand--heavy enough to make it seem as if silver or gold must be in there, yet light enough so that the burglar can lug it away.

As for hiding places elsewhere in the home, see the e-book Invisible Money, which has detailed information about how to protect your home against burglars.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This tip will save you big money!

Privacy is sometimes expensive, especially when it involves multiple New Mexico LLCs and ghost addresses in both Alaska and Spain. Here's a chance to save enough money within the next seven months to purchase a New Mexico LLC and a ghost address.

Advance warning: The advice given in the small book I am about to recommend requires you to ignore peer pressure. That is so difficult to do in school that I will not recommend it to teens. However, as George Burns (1896-1996) liked to say, peer pressure lessens ever year.

The book is Scroogenomics: Why you shouldn't buy presents for the holidays, by University of Minnesota economist Joel Waldfogel. Page by page and chapter by chapter, Waldfogel makes his case with overwhelming logic. I seldom recommend books but I urge you to at least check it out on

FYI, I often give gifts, but to those who cannot or will not give me anything in return, and NEVER at any holiday. More than 60 years ago I stopped giving Christmas gifts when I realized that it was a pagan holiday that was an insult to both Father and Son and had not the slightest basis in Scripture. This, however, need not be the reason YOU quit. Scroogenomics will give you all the incentive you need! (Note to skeptics: I do not know the author of this book and I receive no payment for this recommendation.)

Start calculating right now how much money you will save this year!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

How can you hide from SEAL Team Six?

Actually, what you would have to hide from are the agencies of the U.S. government. No private person or corporation can use the SEALS, and the SEALS never go after a target all on their own. If, therefore, you ever learn that SEAL Team Six is after you, my advice is to immediately turn yourself in. (Had Osama bin Laden done that, he would be alive today and for many years to come.) Nevertheless, there is much to learn from all the news about the capture and the first is that:

The best way to hide is to hide in plain sight.

Osama bin Laden pulled that off for years. He’d still be doing that if it had been some private organization after him. OBL, of course, was deserving of death, and I was among the millions who were delighted to hear that he had been shot and killed by SEAL Team Six.

Sad but true: You may be innocent of any crime and still have to run from a stalker, an ex-lover, a personal enemy, or a crooked PI. The best way to hide in plain sight is to move to a city far, far away. Use a nominee to rent an apartment or a house for you and set up all the utilities. Choose and use a new name for yourself, as outlined in How to Be Invisible. As long as you do not go to work for wages (and thus be entered in the New Hires list), you should be safe from the your searcher.

Monday, May 9, 2011

How to receive mail at a PO Box, using a different name

No, I do not mean by using fake ID, which would be a serious offense. The example I list below is the correct way to do it. Let’s say your name is Gnaneshwar Brahatheeswaren Palaniyandi. You are new to the area. You prefer to be known by the American-sounding name of James Martin Rogers and to receive mail in that name.

First, you order a New Mexico limited liability company in the name of James Martin Rogers LLC. Then, once you receive the Articles of Organization for the New Mexico LLC, you fill out PS Form 1093 (April 2011). You give your name as Gnaneshwar Brahatheeswaren Palaniyandi and show your passport and driver’s license. You list the additional name of James Martin Rogers LLC, naming yourself as owner. On line one, check the box “Residential/Personal Use.” Your new box number will be 1200.

So far, so good, but don’t give out your new name quite yet. Instead, for the first couple of weeks, send letters addressed to James Martin Rogers LLC, PO Box 1200. Then begin to alternate. One day it’s James Martin Rogers LLC and another day, just James Martin Rogers. (Looks as if you forgot the “LLC,” right?)

Once you see that mail lacking “LLC” is nevertheless arriving smoothly, you can give out your new name. For the next few months, I suggest you continue to send letters to James Martin Rogers LLC, just to offset the other letters addressed to your new name. Throw in a few “J M Rogers LLC” and “James Rogers” just to muddy the waters.

For additional information about receiving mail in other names, see Chapter 4 of How to Be Invisible.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Learn from Osama bin Laden's mistake in using a courier

Do you think you can hide and never be found? If your pursuer has enough money and time, he, she, they or it can track you down anywhere on earth—even bin Laden found that out.

In my own case, nothing I own is in my own name. A search for my address on Google will come up blank. Nary a clue as to whether I am currently in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or Spain. A PI can search the records for my driver’s license or pilot’s license in all 50 states and come up blank.

Does this mean I cannot be found? Of course not! I’ll even tell you two ways in how that can be done! (The first one is illegal but “illegal” goes on all the time.)

1. Follow the courier

I have a PO Box in an eastern state. Hire a PI (let’s call him Max) to put a 24-hour watch on the box. When my mail is picked up by a courier (we’ll call him Jimmy), Max will follow him home. He will then lure Jimmy away by some pretext so he can break into his home and search for the address where he sends me my mail. If he cannot find that address, Max will grab Jimmy when he returns home. Jimmy will either voluntarily give up my address or Max will work him over with a knife until he does. But there is an easier way:

2. Meet me in person

This one’s easy—just set up a consultation with me (if you can afford it). Suppose we meet at the reception desk at Wynn’s Encore in Las Vegas. Your PI will be in the distance, shooting pictures of me with a telephoto lens. When he later learns from you my room number, he’ll bribe a confederate to pull my data from the casino’s computers. When all that does is bring up the name and address of my attorney, he’ll wait until I leave for the airport and then follow me. Once he sees which gate I go to, he will contact a detective agency at my destination and shoot them my picture. I will be followed from that airport to my car, and then to whichever home I am currently using.

So am I fearful that some weirdo might track me down for whatever reason? No, becauseit would cost him too much money! And Osama bin Laden would never have been tracked down by a private party—not even by a Gates, a Buffet or a Trump. Only the U.S. government could afford to do it.

Lessons learned:

1. If some multi-millionaire is after you with a vengeance, do not use a courier. Have your mail sent to a foreign country and then scanned and sent to a secret website. You can go to a library and check the website for news.

2. Never, ever, meet anyone in person, because once you do that, you can be followed.

3. Under normal conditions, stop worrying. Tracking you down might cost over a hundred thousand dollars—will your stalker come up with that much money? An untold number of those who’ve read How to be Invisible have disappeared from the radar, and so can you!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Articles Concerning Identity Theft

One of my readers recently asked me why he doesn’t see many useful articles concerning identity theft. I’m not sure if he refers to business theft, identity cloning, criminal identity theft, or financial identity theft but one common cause runs through them all and I will point it out in a moment.

The Latest Hacker Book Concerning Identity Theft

If you’ve read Kevin Poulsen’s new book Kingpin, you know that hackers not only steal from swipes at point-of-sale terminals (especially restaurants) but have made huge hauls of credit information from Polo Ralph Lauren, Office Max, Discount Shoes Warehouse, TJ Maxx, Marshals, HomeGoods, and many, many more national chains.

Online Articles Concerning Identity theft

True, there are numerous online articles concerning Identity theft. Many have some basic good points, yet thousands of persons have followed all the suggestions and have still had their identity stolen. So what is a person to do?

A Drastic Solution to Problem of Identity Theft

You may be your own worst enemy! Why? Because you yourself give out the information. The solution is to stop doing it. Run your life on a cash basis. Never, never use a credit card at a gas station, supermarket, restaurant, fast food place, ferry terminal, and especially not at the mall. In fact, unless you need to rent a car, reserve a hotel room, or travel by air, never even carry a credit card. (If there’s one or more credit or debit cards in your purse or wallet, remove them right now!)

There’s much more to keeping your information private, of course, and it’s dealt with in detail in HOW TO BE INVISIBLE—The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Personal Privacy, Your Assets, and Your Life. But just switching to running your life on a cash basis is a great way to start!