Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to keep your name out of mailing lists

I mention a number ways to do this, in How to be Invisible, but today, a reader from Dallas, Texas came up with a brilliant new idea. It was just a post to my Q&C page but I decided you readers would also appreciate this brilliant ploy. Here's the post, word for word:

"I like to order catalogs, product information, brochures, etc. online and have them sent to my CMRA address. I don't want my real name on any mailing lists, but I don't want to use several different alternate names, which might make the CMRA agent wonder what's going on (since I am only supposed to have mail in my real name delivered there). My solution for this is that when I am filling out an online form for these items, in place of my first name and last name, I use a generic 'junk mail' name with two words that will replace my first and last name.

"Examples: Current Resident, Valued Customer, Box Holder. The CMRA agent has no problem with this and I get all of the mail. If I move and decide to forward the mail that is only in my real name, the 'junk' mail won't follow me, but will be returned to the sender. Also, if I want to toss the information in the trash, I don't have to worry about my name being on it and have it being picked up by a passerby."


  1. I've done this with items sent to my home; great idea, I think.

    Now, I've moved past that. :-)

    My oldest son, who is severely disabled, lives at a group home here in town. When I order something, I have the item sent to him (not by name; I use a fake name) at that address. Later, I go pick the item(s) up.

    Not everyone has this option, of course, but you might consider if you know someone who would be willing to receive items on your behalf.

  2. I always use "CURRENT RESIDENT" also for magazine subscriptions. I use "GIFTCARD CUSTOMER" on internet payment forms with prepaid giftcards ...


    This article explains how to stop junk mail. I did it and within 1 month, I stopped receiving it all together.


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