Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Three reasons to keep kids under 13 off Facebook

1. Kids under 13 need time to be alone, to think and dream and play. Facebook robs them of this time.

2. Kids under 13 do not comprehend how Facebook can destroy their privacy. Years later, when they apply for their first job, they may be turned down because of an idiotic comment or a stupid picture they posted on Facebook.

3. Every hour on Facebook is an hour stolen from what could have been a priceless education. A single example: If your kids under 13 spend even one hour a day playing with children who speak another language, they will grow up bilingual in some language such as Russian, Arabic or Mandarin Chinese. Which would make you prouder? The dual language skills, or that they were hopelessly addicted to Facebook?

Note:  We raised our three children in Spain, with no TV. They spoke only English at home, only Spanish in the streets at play, and only German in a private school for German children. Are both we and they happy that they speak three languages? Guess.


  1. same can be said about texting

  2. Agreed.

    In fact, my youngest and I are to be learning Spanish together (if I ever get around to setting up a regular day and time to do it).

  3. I think every child OVER the age of 13 should stay off of fartbook as well!

    Look at kids today, they are all xbox playing zombies! Their social skills are nil! Heck, even the 'adults' aren't any better, we went to a restaurant and some college age kids were in a booth, and they were ALL texting on their cellphones. There is even less social interaction these days than just a few years ago. No one calls you, they'll put some blurb on your fartbook page if it isn't too much trouble for them. Then people complain they are lonely, but they won't make an effort for real conversation. People can't even be 'bothered' to call on a phone. It's turning into George Lucas' film "THX-1138"!

    We don't have TV, I wish I was better at speaking Spanish, but at least we have some videos that are dubbed, so the kids get a little exposure when they are young enough to have it stick in their heads.


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