Friday, June 15, 2012

What should you do if the DEA or the police break down your door?

Sadly, law enforcement officers have a nasty history of breaking into the wrong homes. The latest attack was just two days ago, in Aberdeen Washington. Here's the report, from various WA newspapers:

"Federal agents and officers broke down the door to the wrong home in Grays County during a series of drug raids. The resident told KBKW she was taking a shower when armed agents broke in and forced her outside in a bath robe. She later found out the search warrant had a different address than her home, where she lives with her 2-year-old daughter and mother."

At least she wasn't killed. In another case, police (using faulty information from a drug informant) raided an innocent couple in Lebanon, Tennessee.  When they pounded on door, the wife—fearing a home invasion—yelled to her husband, “Baby, get your gun!” Shots were exchanged and her husband was killed.

One danger is that the a search warrant itself may contain the wrong address. Another is that--such as the case in Aberdeen--the agents don't pay enough attention to the address. The third danger is that you may have an enemy who arranges for anonymous calls to the police, saying marijuana is being grown in your home even though this is totally untrue. So what's an innocent person to do?


This is outlined in my e-book Dirty Tricks for Savvy Checks. If you have a dog that barks, that will put you on the alert. If no dog, an electronic dog can be used for the same purpose. Movement beyond the front door sets off a series of barks. In addition, you need to have one or more long-throw deadbolts in place, backed up by a door-jammer brace. That way, the first blow from the agent's sledge hammer will NOT break the door in, giving you time to act.


If you have a gun, keep it with you but hide under the bed or in a closet or safe-room until you determine who it is. If you decide it must be a raid by the DEA, hide the gun and wait to be found. But if masked men break into your bedroom and you are in fear of your life, act accordingly.

For more information about fortifying your home and using weapons, see Dirty Tricks for Savvy Chicks (Ages 18-88).


  1. "if masked men break into your bedroom and you are in fear of your life, act accordingly."

    sadly if it is the govt and you have a gun in your hand, they will outgun you and have body armor, so you will be killed

    the dog will probably silenced with drugs or killed so he won't warn you either.

  2. Follow Mr. Luna's advise and become as invisible as possible for your situation. Be aware that police utilize blunt force tactics and there some very simple remedies to delay their or a criminal entry into your premises. The key is education and training. The next question is more serious. What have you done, or could have possibly done. or be linked to others, to get real professionals interested in you. Chances are slim that you will thwart true professionals. Have a bug-out bag.

  3. For those of you who are planning on building your own home, you can have a 'fake door' installed at the front of your house, and when the fuzz goes to break it down, they instead have a cinderblock wall in front of them- put the 'real' door somewhere else, disguise it by using T-1 11 siding or something, ha!


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