Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Amazon Review of New Book

I don't know who "K. Bell" is, but he must be a fast reader because he apparently bought the book just after midnight this morning..  Here is the unedited review:

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 5.0 out of 5 stars  
 July 17, 2012
By K. Bell
With privacy becoming more difficult to obtain nowadays, smarter methods must be used to get it. There is NO useless information in this book, and nothing you can't find otherwise. This book is not for crooks looking to beat the system, it's for persons needing absolute security from violent and persistent offenders seeking to cause legal and/or physical harm. It's for law enforcement who needs total privacy from vengeful criminals, and for anyone who holds privacy as a personal right. I have not found the tips in this book anywhere else or online. Instructions on registering vehicles, purchasing a home, starting a business and creating LLCs, tips on telephone and communication services, is all in here and more. If I had unlimited funds, I would purchase this and give it as a gift to any police officer I see. This book could save lives. I am not related to the author nor have any investment in it. One excellent tip that I will give is NEVER associate your name with your address under ANY circumstance. Good advice! NEVER sign up for contests, freebies, anything that can compromise your name with your location.

Click here to order one or more copies of HOW TO BE INVISIBLE - 3rd Edition.

NOTE:  All my e-books have been withdrawn from sale, pending a complete revision for each one.

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  1. Any idea when the kindle version of this new edition will be made available?


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