Monday, July 16, 2012

NEW BOOK RELEASE -- at last!

For years, many of you readers have been asking when a new edition of How to be Invisible would be published. The answer is  July 17th!

Much has changed in the past eight years, so all chapters have been updated. In addition,  here are some of the new chapters in HOW TO BE INVISIBLE--3RD EDITION:

        The Dangers of Facebook Are Real

        The Art of Pretexting, aka Social

        The Dangers of Facial Recognition

        How to Disappear and Never Be

        Moving To Another Country

        International Privacy 101

When ordering from Amazon, please use this link:


  1. What? No option for autographed copies?

  2. Bravo! Well deserved review and all the rewards that go with that! So happy for you... and your new readers too... Sarah

  3. I guess now I can't sell my old edition, huh? ;)

    I'll be curious to see all the new tips out there!


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