Friday, August 24, 2012

Navy SEAL author of "No Easy Day” revealed to be Matt Bissonnette from Wrangell, Alaska

His name was “Mark Owen," according to the publisher, but multiple sources told Fox News his name is in fact Matt Bissonnette. If these “sources” were from the military, Bissonnette must have known from the start that using a pseudonym would be useless.

But for all other authors hoping to write a tell-all book under another name, here are four tips as a starting point. We’ll assume your real name is John True.

1. Tell your agent your real name is Pat Book, but warn him that this name must be kept PRIVATE. You wish to write under the name Jaime Bond.

2. The agent will accidentally reveal your “Pat Book” name to the publisher, who will then want the SSN for Pat Book.

 3. Use a New Mexico LLC for the copyright and have a nominee act as member. He or she will furnish initials plus the last name and the SSN to the publisher.

4. Never, ever, contact either the agent or the publisher by telephone. Use e-mail or postal mail only.

Follow all the rest of the instructions in How to be Invisible, and you’ll remain anonymous forever! 


  1. I wonder if that is what David Cornwell did in 1961 when he got a copyright for his first book (Call For The Dead) under the name le Carre Productions. At the time, he was still under discipline at the British organization that would have required anonymity.

    In his more recent works, the copyright is under the name David Cornwell.

    He has always done interviews under the name David Cornwell. I have always wished we didn't know his real identity.

    Perhaps we don't.

  2. Sorry to be a party-pooper but, David Cornwell (John le Carré) worked as an intelligence officer for MI6 under diplomatic cover as the 'Second Secretary' of the British embassy in Bonn, during the late 1960's. It's part of the official record.

    Also, his connection to his famous siblings and infamous father (Richard Thomas Archibald (Ronnie) Cornwell - confirm the authors' identity.

    Maybe he doesn't mind being in the open. Or maybe he sometimes wishes JJ's method was available to him at the time.


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