Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Scammed Facebook users could lose insurance claims because they post too much information online"

From an article in the UK's  MAIL ONLINE (sent to me by a reader from London): “Simply posting a picture of your car, or details about which phone network you use, is now enough for many scammers to be able to hack your computer and steal your bank details within minutes.… One example given included a man who faced losing thousands after a picture of his new car posted online gave scammers enough detail to trick him into opening an email, which appeared to be from the DVLA [Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency].”

Facebook users face losing claims against banks and insurance companies because they are inviting fraudsters to scam them by posting so much personal information online. Anyone burgled after advertising holiday plans on social networks, or scammed after inadvertently leaving clues about their accounts or passwords online, could find they are left completely out of pocket.

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  1. Wow. Now this is so new to me. You should be really careful in posting some details on your Facebook account then. I should share this to beware my friends. Thanks for this!

  2. Facebook is a joke- I heard it is being run by the Office of Information Awareness anyway. Now if you sign up for a fb account, they want a 'valid phone number' so they can call you up, if you don't have that they want a copy of your drivers license or govt issued ID.


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