Saturday, October 6, 2012

You can be tracked with modern-day spyware--especially by your mate!

The Wall Street Journal's coverage of the lack of privacy has been phenomenal.  Every month they hit it out of the park with another front page story. Here’s the latest, published October 5th: “A Spy-Gear Arms Race Transforms Modern Divorce.”

“Danny Lee Hormann suspected his wife was having an affair. So the 46-year-old Minnesota man installed spying software on his wife's cellphone and the family computer, and stuck a GPS device to her car, letting him follow her to a lakeside cabin one night.
     "’It was awful,’ says Michele Mathias, his 51-year-old ex-wife, who denies cheating on him. She says she was so worried about her husband's spying that she and her children searched their garage for cameras and held whispered conversations on the lawn in case he was recording indoors. "It wasn't just invasion of my privacy. It was an invasion of the privacy of everyone who ever texted me or anyone who was ever on my computer."

If you fear your spouse is spying on you, my advice is to stop  using any electronic device you currently own. Get a new laptop and a cell phone if you must, but guard them with your life, and if you plan to take any secret trips, rent a car.

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