Thursday, November 8, 2012

I disagree with Scott Adams' comments about Big Brother

On his blog on November 6th, Scott Adams ["Dilbert"] says all privacy has already been lost, and who cares?  He gives this list:

Keep in mind that the government already knows the following things about you:

1.       Where you live
2.       Your name
3.       Your income
4.       Your age
5.       Your family members
6.       Your social security number
7.       Your maiden name
8.       Where you were born
9.       Criminal history of your family
10.   Your own criminal record
11.   Your driving record
12.   Your ethnicity
13.   Where you work and where you used to work
14.   Where you live and where you used to live
15.   Names of your family members
16.   The value of your home now
17.   The amount you paid for your home
18.   The amount you owe on your home
19.   Your grades in school
20.   Your weight, height, eye color, and hair color

Item #1:  I have news, Mr. Scott Adams of  Dilbert fame:  The government does not know where I live, and they do not know where thousands of my readers live, either!

Does the government know where YOU live?  If they do, would you like to change that?  If so, order my report on how to do that by clicking here. True, it's free on my website, although my webmaster makes you register first. You most likely already have an account on Amazon so c'mon, folks--you can afford 99 cents so order now.  Money-back guarantee!

(After you read it, please leave a review on Amazon. Okay? Deal?)


  1. What about making it available on Apple store for those without Amazon account?

  2. Hi,

    I have just started reading your book 'How to be Invisible' and so far it is amazing. I have some questions though... My husband and I want to move very soon and we have had so many things coming to our house, deliveries, some mail (other in PO Box). We already live off the grid utility wise, only use prepaid cell phone (burn phones you call them) but our numbers have been given out to everyone and they are in our names. We live on an island off Australia and often have to get things from the mainland just because of the expense. What do you do if you have to get packages in? Most get send to our PO Box but some people wont send there so they need an address to come to. We don't have a ghost address yet and I am a little worried about the cost. Any advice.


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