Monday, November 19, 2012

Is this vital container missing from your urban survival bug-out bag?

If you've ever read my e-book Invisible Money (currently being revised), you know what vital container is missing from this partial list for your urban survival bug-out bag.

No, it’s not food, rigid water containers, flashlights, batteries, two-way radios, a multi-tool, paracord, or mylar blankets.  Neither is it maps, water proof matches, a signal mirror, safety whistles, hand sanitizer, a first aid kit, or ponchos.
What’s missing is a can of fruit cocktail that does not contain any fruit. Instead, it should contain cash in various denominations. Depending on the domination, a hollow can safe with a screw bottom can contain anywhere from $200 up to $5,000 or more.  So here are two questions about the contents of your urban survival bug-out bag:

1.  Does it contain an ample supply of cash?  If not, why not?

2.  Is this cash well-hidden in a can safe of some kind?  If not, why not?
Add these to your urban survival bug-out bag:

A small marine air horn, some whistles, and a Kubotan. For details, check out Dirty Tricks for Savvy Chicks.  The information in this newly-revised ebook on self defense applies to guys as well as gals, and especially to senior citizens.


  1. I know you said it isn't a flashlight, but I would definitely include a Surefire P2X Fury Defender LED. This one now 600 lumen. This is much more effective against drunks or someone who is high than pepper spray or a taser. The link is an affiliate link to Amazon.

  2. I created my own "hiding place" using an empty jar of mayonnaise. I cleaned the jar out really well, then poured some paint into the jar (in the color or mayonnaise of course). Coated the entire enterior of the jar with the white paint and let it dry. I keep it in the fridge on the door and it looks just like a regular jar of mayonnaise.

  3. Good ideas, but make sure it is safe from being accidentally thrown in the garbage by someone else living in the house. 'this can of peas had no expiration date so I threw it away'. There went your $5,000.


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