Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Dog That Didn't Bark In The Night

In Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story, "Silver Blaze," the following exchange takes place:

Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): "Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?"

Sherlock Holmes: "To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time."

Gregory: "The dog did nothing in the night-time."

Holmes: "That was the curious incident."

I remembered that story at the breakfast table this morning, when my wife said, “Someone knocked on our door in the night. Just two times. Knock, knock. I listened for a car (we are at the end of a dead-end lane) but when I didn’t hear anything more, I decided not to wake you.”

Me: “The dog didn’t bark?” (We have an electronic dog that barks when a caller approaches the door.)

Wife: “I forgot about the dog. No, he didn’t bark but maybe he’s turned off.”

Me: (Returning from the front door) “The dog barked.”

Wife: “That’s it, then. The two knocks must have been part of a dream.”


Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to keep your name out of mailing lists

I mention a number ways to do this, in How to be Invisible, but today, a reader from Dallas, Texas came up with a brilliant new idea. It was just a post to my Q&C page but I decided you readers would also appreciate this brilliant ploy. Here's the post, word for word:

"I like to order catalogs, product information, brochures, etc. online and have them sent to my CMRA address. I don't want my real name on any mailing lists, but I don't want to use several different alternate names, which might make the CMRA agent wonder what's going on (since I am only supposed to have mail in my real name delivered there). My solution for this is that when I am filling out an online form for these items, in place of my first name and last name, I use a generic 'junk mail' name with two words that will replace my first and last name.

"Examples: Current Resident, Valued Customer, Box Holder. The CMRA agent has no problem with this and I get all of the mail. If I move and decide to forward the mail that is only in my real name, the 'junk' mail won't follow me, but will be returned to the sender. Also, if I want to toss the information in the trash, I don't have to worry about my name being on it and have it being picked up by a passerby."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

One-time test for a ghost address ("mail drop")

For a limited period of time, you may have a letter sent to you in Alaska or to Spain’s Canary Islands. It will be forwarded on to you for a modest fee. This will allow you to “test the waters” without having to pay the normal set-up fee and the first year’s annual payment. This may also be useful for those of you who have no need for a continuing mail-forwarding service.

For example, you send an inquiry to some supplier about a product or service and you do not wish to reveal your phone number, your e-mail address, or your true home address. You give only an address in Alaska. When the letter arrives, the agent will quickly insert this letter in a plain brown envelope, add postage, and mail it to whatever address you supply on the order form. (Option—this may also be used to send a package to the Alaska address, if arranged for, beforehand.)

If you prefer to receive a letter first sent to the Canary Islands, you may have the letter placed in a plain brown envelope and mailed on to you. Or, as an option, you can have my friend Manuel open the letter, scan it, and e-mail it to you. (In this case, no one need know your true address—it could be anywhere on the globe.)

The one-time price for this service, for either address, is just $39. If, within 90 days, you decide to upgrade to the normal service (up to a dozen letters per year), you will receive a credit of $50 against the normal setup fee, so your test will have cost you less than nothing. If this is of interest, e-mail me at JJLuna {at} and ask to see an order form. Look it over and then decide. If enough interest is shown, I may decide to extend this offer indefinitely.


Tell me what you’d like to see offered, and perhaps we can add some new service. (And yes, I know that hundreds of you want a nominee! I do have some available, with bank accounts, but as I’ve said before, I need to verify that the arrangement is 100 percent legit. This means I must personally meet with you, see your identification, and check your references.)

Feel free to send me your comments and suggestions!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Warning regarding 2nd Amendment Support Decal

Before you pay $5.00 to order the 2nd Amendment Support Decal, you should know that there is a confidential memo to police departments to be on the watch for this decal. It says, in part::

"All officers should be familiar with this symbol especially when dealing with the public or conducting traffic stops. While the individual may not be armed, the presence of the symbol provides an early warning indicator that you MAY be about to encounter an armed individual."

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anonymous car ownership—what does it take?

The first requirement is easy, as many of you know. Just order a New Mexico LLC and use that to title your vehicle. The second requirement is NOT so easy, if you are looking for a specific make and model, because:

You cannot buy a car anonymously from a new-car dealer

Why not? Because the dealer will demand your ID and copy your driver’s license. (No ID, no car, no matter how much he wants to sell it to you.) Further, if you pay $10,000 or more in cash, he will make you file the dreaded IRS Form 8300.

Buy anonymously from a private party

All the private party wants is to sell his car, He’ll take cash in any amount and does not care if you give the name of the buyer as Mickey Mouse LLC. Where the difficulty arises is in finding the specific make and model you wish to buy. The place to go is Craigslist, but what if the model you are looking for is scarce? Here’s the answer:

Free Craigslist Reader from

Unlike the normal city-by-city search, with the Craigslist Reader you can search state by state, or even the entire country, with a single click. For example, I am currently searching for a Toyota Sienna with leather seats and less than 30,000 miles. My search is in five states, and I check several times a day. If I cannot find what I am looking for within six weeks, I’ll add additional states. When I find it I'll pay cash and title it anonymously with a New Mexico LLC.