Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Smartphone dangers, dumbphones, pagers

On July 17, 2012, the new edition of How to be Invisible was released, which included a chapter on SMARTPHONES, DUMBPHONES, PAGERS. Seven days later, a video of German Green politician Malte Spitz giving a talk at TED about smartphone dangers went viral in Europe.

Spitz had gone to court to obtain the information that his cell phone operator, Deutsche Telekom, had gathered (and kept) about his activity. The results astonished him. Over the course of six months, they had tracked his geographical location and what he was doing with his phone more than 35,000 times.

"Seen individually,” says an editor from Die Zeit,“the pieces of data are mostly inconsequential and harmless. But taken together, they provide what investigators call a profile–a clear picture of a person’s habits and preferences, and indeed, of his or her life."

Inexplicably, Spitz failed to suggest a solution. The solution is to dump the smartphone and get a pager and a dumbphone—which you seldom turn on. Either that, or get a John’s Phone or a Zfone.

Monday, July 23, 2012

“City of Aurora, Colorado would have arrested anyone who stopped the Batman massacre with a concealed weapon”

The above is the title of a July 22nd article at Editor Mike Adams discusses the question I myself had been asking, namely, why didn’t some “FBI-background-checked individual” with a concealed carry permit pull out his or her weapon and shoot James Homes dead?

For the answer, see

Although I myself stopped carrying a legal handgun back in the 1950s, if I’m ever in the midst of a shoot-out on a ship, train or plane, I hope that at least one of my fellow passengers carries a gun, pulls it out, and knows how to use it in self defense.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Amazon Review of New Book

I don't know who "K. Bell" is, but he must be a fast reader because he apparently bought the book just after midnight this morning..  Here is the unedited review:

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
 5.0 out of 5 stars  
 July 17, 2012
By K. Bell
With privacy becoming more difficult to obtain nowadays, smarter methods must be used to get it. There is NO useless information in this book, and nothing you can't find otherwise. This book is not for crooks looking to beat the system, it's for persons needing absolute security from violent and persistent offenders seeking to cause legal and/or physical harm. It's for law enforcement who needs total privacy from vengeful criminals, and for anyone who holds privacy as a personal right. I have not found the tips in this book anywhere else or online. Instructions on registering vehicles, purchasing a home, starting a business and creating LLCs, tips on telephone and communication services, is all in here and more. If I had unlimited funds, I would purchase this and give it as a gift to any police officer I see. This book could save lives. I am not related to the author nor have any investment in it. One excellent tip that I will give is NEVER associate your name with your address under ANY circumstance. Good advice! NEVER sign up for contests, freebies, anything that can compromise your name with your location.

Click here to order one or more copies of HOW TO BE INVISIBLE - 3rd Edition.

NOTE:  All my e-books have been withdrawn from sale, pending a complete revision for each one.

Monday, July 16, 2012

NEW BOOK RELEASE -- at last!

For years, many of you readers have been asking when a new edition of How to be Invisible would be published. The answer is  July 17th!

Much has changed in the past eight years, so all chapters have been updated. In addition,  here are some of the new chapters in HOW TO BE INVISIBLE--3RD EDITION:

        The Dangers of Facebook Are Real

        The Art of Pretexting, aka Social

        The Dangers of Facial Recognition

        How to Disappear and Never Be

        Moving To Another Country

        International Privacy 101

When ordering from Amazon, please use this link:

Monday, July 9, 2012

"Dear Abby" gives the wrong answer in today's column

"Honestly mistaken in Plano, Texas" explained that she'd accidentally dialed a couple of wrong numbers.  When no one answered, she just hung up. However, both times, the persons she'd called later called her back.

""The first time," she wrote, "it was an irate mother demanding to know why I was calling her kid's cell phone.  She threatened to call the police .... "  The second caller also was angry with her. "Honestly mistaken's" question was how to respond when this happens again.

Abby's answer was just to apologize the next time. That was not the best answer, right?  If you've been following this blog, you already know the answer.  It is so obvious that I'm going to let one of you readers post the answer as a comment, below.  :-)