Sunday, January 6, 2013

Attn: Luis Macedo, LAZ Parking, about fat woman in red dress

Last month, a woman in Boca Raton, Florida picked up her car from a valet service, later found the parking ticket with the words “red dress” and “fat” on it, and went on national TV to complain about the "insult."

Note to the lady: I saw you on TV. The f-word is accurate. I also heard a rumor that you want the parking attendant fired. I am a strong believer in privacy and I think you should be too. Just think:   Before you went public, only your friends knew what size you were.  Now, people  from all over the country know it. Worse, you come across not only as a complainer but a vindictive one as well.  Do the right thing.  Call Luis Macedo and tell him you're sorry to have stirred up such a fuss.  Please?

Note to Luis Mecedo:  Give the kid who parked her car a break--he was only doing his job.  I parked cars at the Radisson Ramp in Minneapolis in 1947 and 1948, and we too had to remember customers one way or another. Therefore, we made the same sort of notes your attendant did. To keep any crybabies from going on TV in the future, why not  give your drivers a simple number code?  Fat = 1, bald = 2, sunglasses = 3, etc. 

Just don’t keep any copies of your code system laying around!


  1. wouldntbecaughtdeadinredMarch 21, 2013 at 11:58 AM

    Ha, that's pretty good. Geez, if the shoe fits (or more likely doesn't fit), wear it. Or yell about it on TV. I bet now she gets heckled even MORE...from total strangers! LOL! They should have written on the ticket in Spanish, that way she wouldn't have known that 'gorda' means her. Boca Raton is aptly named too! Hee hee!!!

  2. We have a bit of wisdom we share with people concerned about negative information online:

    "If they don't have a large audience, don't lend them yours."

    In other words, unless a story is mainstream news, responding to it only increases the visibility.

    There is even a term for this: "The Streisand Effect". See for the definition.

    Better to let negative info die a natural death than keep it stirred up "feeding the trolls" who make a living stirring up controversy to drive traffic to their ads.


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