Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fake TV -- great burglar protection!

A year or so ago I ran across a Fake TV unit on Amazon.  Unfortunately, I was influenced by some negative reviews, and did not order it at that time.

However, a month ago I decided to order one anyway, and check it out.  What a surprise! This is a great little gadget which perfectly duplicates the flickering light of a computer screen.  I set it up within three feet of an upstairs window that was covered with a thin curtain. It turns itself on at dark and can be set to run for either four or seven hours each night.

When it was dark, I checked the window from the street.  Super-realistic but perhaps too bright.  I went back and moved the unit to seven feet back from the window. Perfect!

I brought a friend around who always says he doesn't worry about burglars.  Nevertheless, when he saw the effect, he ordered one right away.

From time to time I plan to buy a new product and test it out. If I don't like it I'll return it, but if I do like it I will recommend it and explain why.  To cover my costs and time, I will include a link to an Amazon affiliates account.  Your cost will be the same as if you order directly, but Amazon will give me a tiny commission.  Okay with you?  If so, click here to order the Fake TV:

 If you order it, please let me know if it meets your expectations.

What other products might you wish to see reviewed here?  Please leave a comment or email me at Jack [at]


  1. I've mentioned in a previous comment here that some televisions have a timer as a menu function, and that I've programmed my TV to come on for the talking-head news program in the evening when I'm away. The TV switches itself on and off at the designated times. It has the benefit of the sound of voices in addition to the lights.
    Operating cost would be much higher than your light, but purchase cost is nil. It does require someone with the mindset for VCR programming to make it work however...

  2. I did buy one of these. Would probably be good for a single family home where there is no outdoor lighting. However, the outdoor lighting at night where I live means that you can't tell from the outside whether the unit is on or not.

    An actual TV is much brighter, but in addition to the electricity cost, you are shortening the TV's useful life by having it on for so many hours (screen becomes less bright.)

    One alternative would be to buy a used TV at a thrift store. It just needs to sort of work even if picture quality is bad.

  3. Good article about burglary prevention. Combining FakeTV with burglar deterrent CD could be the winning combination. I've found inexpensive burglar deterrent CD at

  4. I never heard of anything like fake TV. It sounds cool but I will still go with the actual burglar alarm systems than fake TV. I don’t think so it can provide that level of protection that an actual alarm system can provide. Even you can use actual real TV they also have timer system in them.


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