Monday, March 18, 2013

FLAT BROKE? Temporary price reduction!

FLAT BROKE? has, until now, been priced at $14 and sold only on my website. However, it is now available in Amazon's Kindle Store for just $2.99.  Contents:

The Story of Homer Croy
      Bad news may be good news in disguise
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
      This chapter alone may get you back on track!
How to Survive the Loss of Your Home
       The many advantages of renting rather than owning 5
How to Survive the Loss of Your Job  
        This may open to door to pursuing your dreams       
How to Raise Some Immediate Cash
         How the author raised cash when it seemed impossible, and how you can too


  1. Just bought it - have most of your other books . We're pretty well off right now but couldn't resist the price and who knows , turbulent times we live in - things could all change quickly - better safe than sorry.

  2. Got it! Score! Thanks for the price break.


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