Saturday, March 23, 2013

Never leave home without carrying cash!

Here's one of the headlines today at CNN:

Baby shot dead in stroller; 2 Georgia teens charged with murder

Said Sherry West, the the mother of the dead baby:  ""A boy approached me and told me he wanted my money, and I told him I didn't have any money. And he said, 'Give me your money or I'm going to kill you and I'm going to shoot your baby and kill your baby,' and I said, 'I don't have any money,' and 'Don't kill my baby.... And then, all of a sudden, he walked over and he shot my baby in the face."

How many others have been shot and killed by muggers who were desperate for money? Perhaps some would have been killed anyway, but many other would have been saved. Some of these attackers are drug addicts desperate for a fix.  Just hand them the cash and they may be off and running!

Personally, I never leave home with less than $300 and neither does my wife, although we do not advertise that fact. I urge you to never to carry less than $50, and $100 is a much safer sum. Now, don't tell me you haven't even got $50 to your name.  (But if that is the case, then how about $2.99?  That's all it will cost you to download FLAT BROKE? How to Get Back on Your Feet Fast!


  1. My wife is visiting her parents in central America with our baby boy. The thugs down there have recently been kidnappping children, only to return their dead body with missing organs and some cash to cover burial with a thank you note. I've heard that it's safer to throw the cash you have on hand away, since that's what the thief wants. Use that moment to run away or pull out concealed weapon to shoot him in the head. But, that will likely invite thuggery from the organized criminals in police costumes, so maybe the best suggestion is to just throw the money away from your person and make your escape then.

  2. I don't know Jack - I consider you a very wise and savvy guy and have changed a lot in my life based on your advice, while I agree with carrying cash, I think the reasoning here is well, silly. It's precisely b/c most stick up men are just desperate junkies that they aren't usually murderes. Just give them what the want is the reason 911 went down the way it did and nothing like it has happened since (not b/c of BS tsa procedures - it's b/c other than bomb in the luggage container, any attempt at jacking hte plane is a guaranteed a55 beating). The just let them have it mentiality is why there are school/movie shootings with one or two perpetrators and a few hundred people all being victimized (even if they aren't all being shot). If everyone adopted an attack back and be unpredictable and vicious as hell in the process mentality, these stories would be fewer and far between - if everyone carried 300.00 or even 50.00 in cash on them, they'd be a lot more. I know I sound like i"m being a jerk and seriously, I find it difficult to argue with you b/c you're a lot wiser than I am and right about pretty mcuh everything else, but I think you should carry cash on you, but not so you can roll over if confronted. If we're going to adopt that mentality, why not just carry a few balloons of H and a few crack rocks banking on the fact you're law abiding so won't run into law enforcement problems and you'll have what they want when you get stuck up. Attack, Attack attack and be vicious and unpredictable - keep a kubaton as you advise otherwise if you don't feel like being more heavily armed. I just don't buy that anyone other than a crazed pscyho who had baby killing in his list of possibilities anyway kills an infant - there's either more to the story that's not being told on the other end, or the dude was going to kill that baby either way. With that said - I can't prove I'm right and fundamentally agree with your point of carrying cash, just don't think passivity is the answer to anything but more victimization. An admiring student can respectfully disagree with his Sensei once in a while right? ;-)

  3. I can not imagine what kind of animal would shoot a baby in a stroller but dangerous animals should be executed. I pray for the family as they will be hurting forever with such a horrible loss.

  4. Jack, do you recommend carrying that $300 in your wallet, in a roll in your shirt pocket, or stashed in your belt? What denominations do you find most practical as pocket money?

  5. Two Teens? What is this world coming to? I'll bet those scumbags have been playing extremely violent video games since they were in strollers themselves! They have shot and killed so many cartoon characters on the screen, that they do not know where fantasy ends and reality begins!

    Every woman in the USA should be carrying a Pepper Spray AND a Kubotan!

    Yes, people should carry cash! Have the two or three hundred hidden, and then have a ten dollar bill in your shirt pocket, so you can pull it out, throw it on the ground, and run, as one of the other comments suggested!

  6. I think carrying 10 one dollar bills with a 5 on top to throw away from you, to distract the rober, then you can scape or pull out your gun, or spray.
    I have alot of boys, they can spend 10 hours or more per day playing video games( if I let them)
    I can see how a kid could be desensitized after killing 500 people a day for 2 years, specially if it is a confused unbalanced kid.
    Abortin has also made human life disposable, if it is inconvenient.

  7. Mr. Luna,

    In some cases, carrying cash to mollify a punk might be a good idea. However, I agree more with Bill. We should train and arm ourselves (with kubaton, spray, etc.) when out and about. Also the baby-in-the-stroller story continues to strike me as not quite right, or at least incomplete. I,too, think there is more there than we have learned so far. Either way, it is a worthwhile topic to think about.

  8. I agree that even though arrests have been made in the baby-in-stroller murder, a piece is missing. Nothing about it sounded right and I am just an average Joe.

    As for carrying cash, yes, something to toss away from you (it better be heavy enough!) but also a baton or similar protection at the ready.

  9. Below is some information regarding the murder that prompted this post and a link to a news video regarding another crime resulting from a panhandler being turned down.

    These are very disturbing.

    So: Keep your appeasement cash, singles, fives, tens and twenties, a few of each, in the main slot in your wallet. All other cash keep in a pocket, shoe, money belt or in your car. Open your wallet, hand it to him or drop it as you pull it out. He will be distracted and have to pick the bills up. This gives you time to determine your next move. My next step? Turn and walk away.

    Consider this old adage: "Never bring a knife (kubaton or a can of pepper spray) to a gun fight!

    1. Your pistol MUST be readily accessable! Your attacker's is already out and aimed in your direction.

    2. Small calibers are almost useless. A .22 or .25 may only enrage your attacker if he is high on speed and adrenalin. The uS military adopted the .45 ACP 1911 pistol to fight the Moro warriors in the Philippines. They needed a man stopper. The Moros were sent out on speed and with another incentive I won't go into here. They were a VERY determined bunch.

    The minimum would be .380. Better would be 9mm or .38 special. A compact frame .45 ACP would be best. Perhaps a .38 special five shot revolver. If you can't do the job with two to five shots you probably shouldn't carry at all. A snub nose .38 would be best for close quarters. S&W made a .38 "Lady Smith" with a smaller frame with a lady's smaller hands in mind.

    I have rehearsed a few lines that might help: Point to the Pawn Shop down the block and tell your attacker you just paid the interest on your stuff and don't have but a few dollars left. Or the Check Cashing store and say that you just paid off your payday loan and can't borrow any money again for twenty four hours. Likely he will understand what you are saying and give up. Remember, you are not dealing with the brightest bulb in the box. I wittnessed an armed robbery in a fast food place. The perp told the cashier to give him all the bills in the cash register and she replied that she couldn't open it without ringing up a sale. He turned around and walked away.

    Simply put, plan some options and rehearse them.

    From the Boy Scouts: "Be Prepared"

    So, on to the following...

    Disarming America

    In late March 2013, 17 year old De’Marquis Elkins shot and killed
    an 13 month old baby who was sitting in a stroller.

    Elkins shot the infant in the face after the mother refused to give him money.

    He also shot the mother in the leg and the neck in Brunswick, GA.

    De’Marquis Elkins is not a member of the NRA.

    He did not use an assault rifle.

    He did not buy his stolen pistol at a gun show.

    His favorite music is rap.

    He did not attend Christian school, nor was he home schooled.

    He did attend multicultural public education,
    and was not instructed in the Ten Commandments.

    His Momma was on welfare, got food stamps, and lived in public housing.

    His daddy was not around, and his two brothers have a different daddy.

    He already has a record for violent crimes.

    He is gang member.

    His mom, grandma, and Aunty all voted for Obama.

    He never earned his hunter safety card, nor did he shoot CMP,
    Junior NRA, or 4H Air Rifle Competitions.

    He was never instructed in gun safety from his father or grandfather.

    He has no plans on getting married, but does have a Baby Momma, and no, he is not supporting her baby.

    He smokes dope.

    He does respect Kayne West.

    While he has no job, nor is looking for one, he is well fed.

    He has no skills outside of crime.

    He speaks Ebonics, and is not capable of doing a professional
    interview, even though he spent 11 years in public education.

    His public education and family taught him that the white man owes him something.

    He went to collect it.

    He is one of millions.

    Link to second crime: (cut and paste)

    Be prepared. Practice.

  10. Some of these attackers are drug addicts desperate for a fix. Just hand them the cash and they may be off and running! financial


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