Saturday, October 19, 2013

Is there some way to send a private message to someone?

If you mean so that no one (not even the government) can read the message or even identify the sender or receiver, then yes, you may still be able to send a private message. Not, however, via the internet (even Tor has been hacked) nor by radio, land line, cell phone or smartphone.  Use the U.S. mail. (The U.S. mail is also the best way to transfer money within the country.)


  1. Pretty good advice actually (although it's technically inaccurate to say that TOR has been hacked)...there are some suspicions that some meta data is collected from a portion of the US Mail (envelopes are possible scanned noting the return and delivery address - although there are some ways around that..). But the US mail is probably a good choice.

  2. you can send messages where noone can tell who sent them or who they are to by using the remailers to post messages to usenet

  3. All mail goes through sorters that by now are most likely also scanners that record whatever is on the envelope - maybe even both sides. I wonder how often mail is opened and scanned?

    Even though I make a living online, if all the technology went dark tomorrow I would actually be happier if it meant we could enjoy nature without wondering if we're being recorded by satellite or camera or microphone.


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