Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What ever happened to JJ Luna?

True, I did stop posting last October. Here are five of the reasons:
1. During a routine exam in October, it was discovered that I need a new aortic heart valve, ASAP! I did not like the suggestion received at Seattle's Swedish hospital so have been getting other opnions. This all takes time.
2. I hired and am training a personal assistant, Juanita Castilla, to take over my businesses if I happen to wake up dead. She has both beauty and brains but all this training takes time.
3. I am trying to get the right picture for the cover of a new book, ALONE AND AFRAID? 5 Tips That Can Save Your Life! So far, I've not found the right model--one who needs to look really concerned. Interviewing these young women takes time.
4. My wife had a bad fall a few months ago and the damage was permanent. I am her sole caregiver. This takes time!
5. Yesterday I sent out a routine email to 7,800 fans on my list. There was just a passing, indirect mention about an offer to send anyone a list of three reasons why never again to celebrate Christmas

. I expected just a few requests but they have been pouring in for the past 18 hours and I am overwhelmed!
No time for more chit-chat--gotta get back to answering the emails! (OK to still request the three reasons not to ever celebrate Christmas again, but allow three days for the reply, please. In the subject line put "BLOG - 3 reasons".)

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  1. Wish you a speedy recovery.
    You're smart to get a second opinion ... and a third.
    Heart valve surgery is according to a cardiologist like getting hit by a truck, it takes a long time to recover.


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