Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Feds can track you via Stingray

Federal agents have been have routinely using a sophisticated cell phone tracking tool called Stingray” for years. Stingray can pinpoint callers’ locations and listen to their conversations — all without getting a warrant.

According to Linda Lye, staff attorney at the ACLU of Northern California in a blog post about the case, “Installed in an unmarked van, Stingray mimics a cellphone tower, so it can pinpoint the precise location of any mobile device in range and intercept conversations and data.”

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How to Protect Yourself From Stingray

1. Leave your mobile devices at home.  Do not turn any of them on except to make a call.

2. If you must take any of them with you, keep it tightly wrapped in aluminum foil.

3.  Use only a prepaid “burner” phone for outgoing calls. Activate Caller ID Blocking and never give that number out to anyone—not even your mother.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Camping? Converting a trailer?

OFF THE GRID: How to live in a van, truck, trailer or mobilehome is now on Kindle.

The information in this book is based upon my own experiences living on the road, dating back to just after World War II. If you can imagine yourself in any of the following categories, this book is for you!

Save on Your Rent Payment

In hard times, one of the best ways to cut expenses quickly and for as long as you need relief, is to stop paying rent. True, even an old truck or cargo trailer will cost something, but often these pay for themselves in less than a year. A bonus is that when you sell it, you may get the major part of your money back.

Low-Cost Vacations

The cost of lodging, even on a three-week vacation, can easily run up to $2,000 or more. However, if you’ve got a light-weight fiberglass or converted cargo trailer—set up for cooking—even a two or three month holiday may be affordable.

Permanent living

Tens of thousands of Americans and Canadians live full time in a motorhome. There are prices for all budgets, from just over $2,000 to well over $1,000,000!

High Adventure

Travel up the Alaska Highway—a trip you will never forget!

Personal Privacy

The quickest way to assure yourself of total privacy is to travel in a van, trailer, truck or motorhome.

Temporary low price is only $4.99.   Order now!