Thursday, October 31, 2013

Best new book on digital security

I just finished reading Michael Bazzell's new book, Personal Digital Security. I was almost put off by the unattractive cover, but Michael has an explanation.  He says all his main sales are at speaking events, and that after he finishes his talk, the buyers flock up to buy, without worrying about the cover.

Good cover or not--this is the definitive book on personal digital security.  I have a library filled with books on  every possible aspect of privacy and security, and this book is one of the top five.  Some of the info I have never before seen in print.

To learn more about what I consider a landmark book, click here.

--Jack Luna

P.S. Keep an eye on this blog.  I am going to start mentioning books and other products from time to time that I personally own and read or use.  All items will be available on (so you can read the reviews, and have confidence in Amazon's money-back guarantee.)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Is there some way to send a private message to someone?

If you mean so that no one (not even the government) can read the message or even identify the sender or receiver, then yes, you may still be able to send a private message. Not, however, via the internet (even Tor has been hacked) nor by radio, land line, cell phone or smartphone.  Use the U.S. mail. (The U.S. mail is also the best way to transfer money within the country.)