Friday, February 7, 2014

Billyclubs are great for self defense!

Although often sold as clubs for which to stun large fish, a stout billyclub can also stun unwelcome intruders! My sister keeps one with her at the head of her bed, and a friend has a billyclub stashed under the seat of his Jeep. No "permit to carry" is needed.

As one reviewer says, "Can't beat the price, as compared to the local tackle shop!."  (Less than $11.)

To see more reviews, click here.


  1. State and local ordinances often classify these as weapons. At home you're fine, but in a traffic stop an officer could see this and escalate the situation. Don't carry one around with you if walking around town. For a vehicle or walking, a big 3-D mag light is better, less suspicious, multipurpose, and if used as a club, it hits harder.

  2. Baseball bats too.

  3. Truck stops sell them cheap too, they are used for whacking tires to make sure they are properly inflated.


  4. Stun guns do the job too - b/c just the electric shock sound is usually visually intimidating enough to get most peopple to back off. Even if these were illegal, shooting someone is going ot be a lot of legal headaches (worth it if it saves your or a loved ones life). A blunt object, not so much. Long screwdrivers (preferably rusty) , heavy wrenches, all work. I like the billy club idea though and will be adding a few to th ehouse.


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