Saturday, April 12, 2014

Great new version of Mark Nestmann's LIFEBOAT!

When Mark Nestmann's earlier edition of the LIFEBOAT  volumes first came out, I recommended them to all the people on my normal e-mail list.  Hundreds of readers ordered them and not one complaint.  Instead, many thanked me for the recommendation. Now, Mark has a totally revised edition available and it's definitely superior to the previous editions

I first met Mark at a seminar in Nevada in 1990 and have followed his career since then.HIs advice is always right on the mark. Trie, my My Invisible book,makes for a good start in learning about privacy, but when it comes to details, especially in using LLCs and foreign entities for asset protection, Mark is the master.

Click here for detailed information about the new LIFEBOAT OFFER.


If you order the Lifeboat package during the month of April, I will send you free advance copies of all new e-books I plan to release this year, as soon as they become available. Here are just three of them, scheduled for June, August, and October:

To be put on the list for free e-books, just send a copy of your LIFEBOAT receipt to me:   Jack (at)

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