Saturday, May 10, 2014

Safety When You Travel: Two Doorstop Reviews

There are two ways to protect yourself from your door being opened at night by a man in a black hat with a door key to your room.

1.  Take a wedge with you that will block the door from opening

2.  Take a wedge that will rigger a blasting alarm if the door starts to open.

Note that I do not include a Buddybar Door Jammer, even though this may be the most effective.  The reason is that these braces are too long and too heavy to pack into the typical roll-on case.  Instead, I recommend two small items that will take up very little room when you pack.

Red shoe doorstop:  The first reaction to this doorstop , when shown to friends, is "How cute!"  It is not only cute but is useful for any door (such as in hotels and motels) in which there is enough of an opening at the bottom for light to shine through. My experience has been that these red shoes work great in many hotels, but not if the room happens to have floors of tile or wood.  So why not use a cheapie rubber wedge that is sold in hardware stores everywhere?  I've tried them.  The space between most hotel doors and the floor is too big.  The door opens right over them.

Doorstop alarm:  This unit lets out an earsplitting racket that can wake the dead!  However , it may not work if the room has a plush carpet .For this reason I suggest you carry both the shoe and the alarm. In some rare cases, neither may work. Nevertheless, my world-traveling sister says she puts both under her door at the hostels where she stays, and figures if one does not work, the other one will!
       "Certainly better," she says, "than no wedge at all."

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  1. As you pointed out, these will not work in many cases. Better to take whatever's available: nightstand, chair, trashcan, put two of these on top of each other in such a way that if the door is opened one of them will fall down and alert the person entering that someone is in the room and has been awakened. Often the person opening the door is just a maid who forgot to knock.


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